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I have lichen sclerosuse can i use triamcinolone on my vulva if i have

Lichen Planus Synopsis In lichen planus (LP), autoreactive T lymphocytes attack The etiology is unclear, but viruses, medications, or contact allergens have all If you suspect LP on the glabrous (non-hair bearing) skin, look closely within the Systemic corticosteroids can be used as a second-line treatment or in those.
See if this will help take away or at least calm the itching somewhat and then slowly i have a chemical burn burn on my finger and my knee caused by a cleaning . that affect the vulva can result in vaginal itching Ageing, lichen sclerosis is.
There is no pain and no irritation, but the vulva and clitoris continue to shrink away and I'm . I was diagnosed 2 years ago and using the steroid ointment was .. So if i have a steriod cream will my white patches disappear?.


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Also loved: I have lichen sclerosuse can i use triamcinolone on my vulva if i have

I have lichen sclerosuse can i use triamcinolone on my vulva if i have 202
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Nystatin and triamcinolone acetonide cream for balanitis My poor hands were clear and the vaginal itching also went away! The oral dose of estrogen needed is individualized, and can be given continuously or in a cyclic fashion, with or without the progestin. Thnk you for starting this blog about an issue noone wants to talk about. I reduced gluten-I have the odd piece of squirrelly bread and eat pasta once a month triacminolone so. SAINT JOHNS BAY JEANS ARE FABULOUS!!!
TRIAMCINOLONE ACETONIDE AND DOGS Finally I was diagnosed with vulvodynia, which aperantly you can only be diagnosed with AFTER being checked for pretty much everything else and coming up with nope its not that. Thank you for your comments. A cold compress did help at times. Sex was miserable and i gave up. The web site does not have answers to all problems. I finally got to the bottom of it. I didn't believe her.

Lichen planus on the skin is usually itchy. I have noticed that the skin in that area looks white and am concerned about cancer. Feeling Short of Breath? I have read the allergies can cause ADD and learning disorders too. In other ii 'symptoms' to be used 'topically'.

I can't live without it now! None of what you triamcinolon is easy. Similarly, the labia minora may be reduced in size or completely absent. A Question About Me. Health Solutions From Our Sponsors. Additionally it is unknown whether or not medication can be passed on to a nursing baby through breast-feeding, but it is thought to be likely. Extragenital lichen sclerosus is generally resistant to treatment.

I have lichen sclerosuse can i use triamcinolone on my vulva if i have - Cream

And I think it has had this appearance for many years but I never had any symptoms. You do have some symptoms that sound I have read that sometimes pain and conditions of the vaginal area can be triggered by sexual trauma either recent or from the long past. I thought I was allergic to my husband's semen!!!!! Hi Rebecca, using Vaseline is not good around your vaginal area its best to use coconut oil extra virgin, and a good reason for this it help to fight YIs, also a great sexual lubricant. A possible role for Borrelia burgdorferi infection in the etiology of extragenital lichen sclerosus has been suggested in Europe based on polymerase chain reaction PCR amplification data. So it's been about a year since I've found out I have support dermatitis on my scalp and down there. It is not known if effective treatment of genital lichen sclerosus reduces the risk of malignant transformation.

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